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  • Common myths about open access

    This section aims to dispel some of the myths around open access publishing and includes sub-sections on print, peer review, quality and prestige, book processing charges, third party copyright and plagiarism.

  • How to choose a publisher for your open access book

    As with any book proposal, when choosing a publisher for your open access book you should consider whether they publish high-quality work in your subject area, but also explore important issues including licensing, fees, and discoverability.

  • Peer review and quality control

    Peer review, selective submission standards, editorial support and other attributes of prestigious publication are independent of the openness of the publication. Some open access publishers apply the highest standards of quality control, some non-open access publishers publish low-quality works and...

  • Eligibility criteria for grant applications

    When writing your open access book, you may be able to apply for funding from a grant-making organisation, your institution, or your research funder. Specific requirements for such applications vary widely, but you should be aware of certain common eligibility criteria.

  • Research institutions

    Your employer may have specific services available to help you when publishing a book open access. You will also be required to adhere to their policies.

  • How to find open access book publishers

    The Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB) is the largest resource to find open access book publishers, with around 400 publishers listed. Other ways to find open access book publishers include the OAPEN list of compliant publishers, the list of OASPA members, and various platforms that host open access...