Published 30 September 2020

Overview of available funding

If your publisher requires that you provide funding to support the publication of your open access book via a book processing charge (BPC) or open access fee, you may be able to access funding from your institution or a grant-making organisation. You or your publisher could also organise a crowdfunding campaign.

Funding may be available through your institution:

  • Your institution may have a special fund for supporting researchers publishing books in open access (see List of funding sources).
  • Your research office, college/faculty and/or department might be willing to fund the publication, either through an established intramural grant programme or a one-off request.
  • If you have funding available from your grant, your funder may allow you to use it to make your book open access. These costs may be covered from an element from the grant, sometimes known as ‘indirect costs’.

Funding may also be available through grant-making organisations:

Finally, crowdfunding can help engage an audience of readers and provide funding to support publication:

  • You or your publisher could organise a crowdfunding campaign to support the publication of the book (see an example from the crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter).
  • You or your publisher could register as a rightsholder on, a crowdfunding platform specifically for books.

If you are writing an open access book with co-authors, you may wish to find out if they are able to secure part of the funding. You should also consider whether your publisher will permit the funds to come from more than one source.

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