Published 12 July 2024


After your open access book has been published, how will your publisher market and promote your work?

How your open access book will be marketed by your publisher can vary depending on their strategies and resources. Open access publishing offers advantages such as increased accessibility and shareability, which can enhance discoverability and dissemination of your work (See dissemination and discoverability article). To understand how your book will be made available, it is important to communicate with your publisher regarding the digital formats and platforms where it will be hosted.

In the digital age, publishers increasingly rely on various online channels to reach a broader global readership and employ targeted marketing techniques. The publisher’s capabilities may differ, with some dedicating more time and resources to book promotion, and some may have a larger network for reaching potential readers. The publisher’s access to relevant bookseller and researcher networks also plays a role in the promotion process. Additionally, a publisher’s global reach can be strengthened through effective search engine optimization (SEO) of their website.

To gain insights into a potential publisher’s marketing strategies for open access books, it is advisable to review their websites or directly approach them for information. Marketing activities can encompass a range of tactics, including newsletters, e-alerts, catalogues, booths at conferences, virtual bookshelves which became more popular during the COVID-19 lockdown, press releases, review copies for editors, author interviews, book launches, book flyers, dedicated web pages, social media posts (both organic and promoted), inclusion in library packages, and more. Some publishers may even request a list from authors, identifying potential target audiences for book marketing. When considering a publisher, it is crucial to align their marketing activities with your own goals for publishing the book. Additionally, ensure that the publisher can provide metrics and information to demonstrate the impact of your book, so you can assess its reach and influence.

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